The Source of Motivation Force

Learned Brahmarshri and padmshri Keshavram Kashiram Shastrijee (Ke. Ka. Shastri) motivated us to help the sick and needy people. He said, “Service to humanity is service to god.” At the eve of Lokarpan of the crematorium at Thaltej, in Ahmedabad he suggested us to create crematoriums in small villages. In interior small villages there is no facility for cremation and they have to suffer a lot as specially in rainy season.

Cremation is the sixteenth SANSKAR in Hindu Culture. It must be performed nicely and whole heartedly. We took up his words because he was as good as a mobile university, Who had written Two hundred fifty six valuable books on Hinduism, Hindu culture and civilization and also on history. Even today he is the source of our motivation. We get light and energy from his words.