We request you for financial assistance for the welfare activities as under.

  • The trust is seeking your help for completion of this project. You are required to stretch your helping hands by writing a cheque in favour of “ BRAHMARSHRI HEALTH AND EDUCATION RESEARCH FOUNDATION.
  • Small Cooperation of Rs. 1000.00 and in its multipler by the donor will also be motivating and encouraging for the institution.

Donations given to the trust is exempted wide income tax act 80(G)(5)
Bank Name Account Details Bank Address
Canara Bank Account No: 0281101032580
I.F.S.C code : B0000281
Micre Code: 000380015016
Old Sachivalaya Branch, Ahmedabad - 380015
State Bank of India Account No: 36060934035
I.F.S.C code : SBIN0001043
Micre Code: 380002035
Polyechnic Branch, Ahmedabad - 380015
* We try to avoid cash transactions.

Details Amount
Annual membership Rs. 250.00
Five years membership, Rs. 1000.00
Ten years membership Rs. 1800.00
Lifetime membership Rs. 2500.00

Sr.No Purpose Amount Details
1 For Inviting the New Students in the School – SHALA PRAVESHOTSAV   for 1 School 10,000.00
2. For Honouring the rankers at 10th & 12th 20,000.00
3. For Honouring the social workers eminent personalities and institutions. 50,000.00
4. For Edu. equipments& school Fees to one Student. 5000.00
5. For Edu. equipments& College fees to one Student. 10,000.00
6. For Helping Patient (as per Dr.’s advise)
7. For One SHANTI GHATS 2,50,000.00
8. For Two SHANTI GHATS 4,60,000.00
9. For Three SHANTI GHATS 6,75,000.00
10. For Four SHANTI GHATS 8,75,000.00
11. For Five SHANTI GHATS 10,60,000.00
12. For Ten SHANTI GHATS 20,00,000.00
13. For Fifteen SHANTI GHATS 28,50,000.00
14. For Twenty SHANTI GHATS 37,50,000.00
15. For One Research student - Per Month, Maximum For 4 Years. 20,000.00